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Hockey World League

Update: 7 July 2017, Friday
The London Semi-Finals last June has produced a winner: Netherlands! Not surprisingly, Argentina’s Gonzalo Peillat pushed his team to 2nd place with a stunning display of showmanship – earning him the Hero Best Player and Hero Top Scorer awards. Last but not least, home favourites England managed to give us plenty to cheer about with a 4-1 victory against Malaysia – placing them at 3rd place and qualifies England for the Odisha Hockey World League Final happening this December 2017.

The race to qualify for next year’s 2018 Hockey Men’s World Cup continues at Wits University in Johannesburg. Organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the Hockey World League also serves as the qualifier for the Hockey World Cup.
Scheduled from July 9 to 23, 2017, host nations South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and Spain will go head up against each other in this round of Semi Finals.


Past Years Results

2015 (Champions) – Australia
2015 (Runner-Up) – Belgium
2015 (Third Place) – India

2013 (Champions) – Netherlands
2013 (Runner-Up) – New Zealand
2013 (Third Place) – England


2017 Hockey World League Semi-Finals Schedule (Johannesburg)

Live stream starting on 9 July (Sunday) at 1200GMT.
9 July (Sunday)
● New Zealand v France (Score: 3-3)
● Spain v Japan (Score: 2-1)
● Belgium v Egypt (Score: 10-0)
● South Africa v Ireland (Score: 0-2)
11 July (Tuesday)
● Germany v Egypt (Score: 5-0)
● Australia v France (Score: 3-2)
● New Zealand v Japan (Score: 3-1)
● Belgium v Ireland (Score: 6-2)
13 July (Thursday)
● Ireland v Egypt (Score: 2-1)
● Japan v France (Score: 1-4)
● Spain v Australia (Score: 0-2)
● South Africa v Germany (Score: 3-4)
15 July (Saturday)
● France v Spain (Score: 0-2)
● New Zealand v Australia (Score: 1-2)
● Egypt v South Africa (Score: 2-1)
● Belgium v Germany (Score: 2-3)
17 July (Monday)
● Australia v Japan (Score: 7-2)
● Spain v New Zealand (Score: 4-3)
● Germany Ireland (Score: 2-0)
● South Africa v Belgium (Score: 1-9)
19 July (Wednesday)
● [Quarter Finals] Australia v Egypt (Score: 4-0)
● [Quarter Finals] Spain v Ireland (Score: 2-1)
● [Quarter Finals] Germany v France (Score: 4-1)
● [Quarter Finals] Belgium v New Zealand (Score: 2-0)
21 July (Friday)
● [9th/10th Place] Japan v South Africa (Score: 2-4)
● [5th-8th Place] Egypt v New Zealand Score: 0-2)
● [5th-8th Place] Ireland v France (Score: 1-1[4-3])
● [Semi Finals] Spain v Germany (Score: 1-1[3-4])
● [Semi Final]s Australia v Belgium (Score: 1-2)
22 July (Saturday)
● 7th/8th Place Egypt v France (Score: 0-3)
● 5th/6th Place New Zealand v Ireland (Score: 0-1)
23 July (Sunday)
● 3rd/4th Place Australia v Spain (Score: 8-1)
● Finals Belgium v Germany (Score: 6-1)

International Hockey Federation (FIH) Resources

Official Event Page Here.
Full Schedule Here.

BT Sport Resources

Programme Page Here.

HotStar Resources

Programme Page Here.


Watch 2017 Hockey World League Live Online With Our VPN

BT Sport secured a deal to broadcast the entire tournament to all U.K residents. However, if you’re not currently in the U.K. then you’ll need to connect to our VPN first before attempting to stream.

VPN Connection Setup Guide

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Stream the 2017 Hockey World League on BT Sport from outside of the U.K.

1) Head to the BT Sport website or download the BT Sport app on iOS or Android.
2) Search for the live stream and start watching the tournament!
Tip: Hockey World League will be airing live from 9 July 2017 on BT Sport 2.
Click here for a direct link to BT Sport 2.


Stream the 2017 Hockey World League on HotStar for Free

Broadcasting rights for sports come in a huge variety around the world, so we’ve managed to find you a free alternative to watch the tournament.

1) Head to the HotStar website or download the HotStar app on iOS or Android.
2) Search for the live stream and start watching the tournament!
Tip: Hockey World League will be airing live from 9 July 2017 on HotStar Hockey. You will see the live stream link available when the game is on.
Click here for a direct link to HotStar Hockey.

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