It’s 2016, here’s why you should have a VPN by now

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Have a VPN

It’s 2016, you should have a VPN by now!
If you have been on the internet long enough, you may have already heard the term “VPN” and just shrugged it off as some technical talk you don’t dare try to wrap your head around. To put it simply, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that allows you to make your internet traffic private to everyone else. When connecting to a VPN, your IP Address (the unique number that identifies you on the internet) is changed. This can make you appear somewhere that you aren’t.
You might be thinking “I don’t need to hide what I am doing on the internet”, but hiding what you are doing is only one small reason to connect to a VPN.
Here is why you, the every-day, normal, non-technical person, should be using a VPN:



Privacy on the internet is getting harder to come by these days. Every website you visit, the browser you use, and the services you sign up for, are all collecting data on you. This data can be used to lure you into phishing scams, spam you, or other ways to invade your privacy.



Ever used free wifi at an airport, coffee shop, or other public place? Having places like that offering free wifi is awesome, but it’s also very dangerous. Being connected on the same network with sometimes hundreds of other users is leaving you susceptible to prying eyes.
Someone with a small amount of technical ability could easily view everything you are doing on that free public wifi. They could see the sites you are visiting, the people you are talking to, and the emails you are exchanging.
A simple connection to a VPN will encrypt all your traffic and make sure that anyone prying on you will see a whole bunch of nothing.



Geo-blocking sucks. And you have probably come across one of those dreaded messages similar to “This is not available in your area”. That’s because the site is grabbing your IP address and is able to see where you are physically located in the world – and if you aren’t where they want you to be, then you get a big, fat geo-block on your screen.
Connecting to a VPN allows you to gracefully side-step that silly geo-block. With the ability to connect to almost every major country in the world, you will be able to “appear” to be in whatever location you wish!


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