Why you should ALWAYS use a VPN online

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Why you should always use a VPN online
People use VPNs for all different kinds of reasons. Popular reasons include bypassing geo-blocks and masking your IP address when accessing different websites. These are both great benefits of using Virtual Private Networks. But more and more people are realizing why it’s so important to use a VPN every time you connect to the internet.

Here’s why:

Why you should always use a VPN online

Yes, bypassing geo-blocks is great. VPNs will always be a great tool getting around these restrictions. But the most important benefits to use a VPN every time you go online is it’s security and privacy features.



When you connect to a VPN service like My Private Network, all your internet traffic is then routed through our servers. When going through our servers, your traffic is also routed through some of the strongest encryption methods. This is to ensure that even if someone were able to see your internet traffic, all they would see is our encryption – so they don’t know what you’re actually doing. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can normally see what you are doing on their network. But when you’re connected to a VPN, they can no longer see the things you are doing online.
Having your internet traffic encrypted is particularly important when you are using public wifi. Whether it’s at school, a coffee shop, or airport, there are plenty of places that we all connect to public wifi on a daily basis. But when you connect to a public wifi, you are agreeing to share a network with a bunch of total strangers. If one of those strangers wanted to snoop on your internet traffic, they would be able to do so. However, when you connect to that VPN, your traffic becomes encrypted and strangers can no longer see it. It’s like creating your own private network even when on a network with hundreds of people. Hence our name: My Private Network!



Being anonymous online is another huge benefit for using a VPN. Whether you’re downloading torrents, accessing adult sites, or any other site for that matter, it’s beneficial to be anonymous. Many websites will track your IP address once you hit their site so that they will be able to track you. So most of the things you do online can all be associated with your IP address and tied to you personally.
It is also fair to say that in most countries, anything you do on the internet is tracked and recorded by someone, be it the local service provider, the big data companies like Google and Facebook, or government bodies. These organisations are building up massive data troves of our online behaviour and like it or not, this will be used to profile and target people for commercial reasons and no doubt less benign reasons as well. Last year’s UK Investigatory Powers Act and the more recent repealing of the FCC privacy rules in the US are but two examples from fairly liberal democratic states that highlights the dangers of staying on an unencrypted network.


Not using My Private Network Yet?

If you’re not using a Virtual Private Network, you should give us a try today! We have over 44 different country servers allowing you to connect to anywhere in the world. We have amazing customer support and our service is one of the top-rated VPNs on TrustPilot. And the best part: if you don’t like the service, we’ll give you your money back! No questions asked 🙂





And if you have any questions, we have an awesome support team waiting to answer them! Feel free to comment below, email, tweet, or hit us up on Facebook!


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