5 Ways to Stay Safe Online

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5 Steps to Keep Yourself Protected Online

The internet can be a very dangerous place, and a lot of us aren’t doing very much to keep ourselves protected. In honor of Data Privacy Day, we wanted to provide you with a couple tips on how to make sure you are keeping yourself protected….


1. Please, please, please USE A DECENT PASSWORD!

If your password found it’s way on to this year’s list of most used passwords, then it’s time to get rid of it!
Using a password like this is going to make you one of the easiest people to hack on the internet. Do yourself a favor and use a password generator like Norton’s to help create a safe and secure password for you.


2. Watch out for Public Wifi!

Accessing sensitive information such as bank accounts, or any other sites that have billing information on file, on public wifi can be very dangerous. So anytime you are at a coffee shop, airport, or any other public place offering free wifi, either steer clear of sensitive information or make sure you are connected to a Virtual Private Network.


3. Lock your devices with passcodes

It might seem a bit annoying having to type a password every time you want to unlock your computer, phone, or connected device. But setting a password or passcode with your device can really save your butt and assure that your device won’t be accessed if you were to ever lose it.


4. Start using Two-Step Verification

Using a two-step verification system when logging in is another line of defense that you can use to protect yourself from people trying to hack your account. In case you are not aware, two-step verification is a popular system where users can first enter their username & password and then get a code sent to your phone to enter on the site.


5. Use a Virtual Private Network!

Having access to a VPN is an essential key to keeping yourself protected online. Using a VPN will keep your traffic encrypted and safe from prying eyes – this is especially important to have when using public wifi. Don’t have a VPN yet? We have a nice one you can try! 😉



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