Are your favorite websites really safe? Experts are saying no…

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Are your favorite websites encrypted?

It’s 2016 and in the age of the internet, all our favorite brands are making their websites safe as possible, right?


Team Upturn, in it’s ‘What ISPs Can See‘ report, is saying this might not be the case. In fact, over 80% of websites across various industries don’t encrypt browsing by default. Upturn provides some examples of big name websites still using HTTP (as opposed to the encrypted HTTPS) in this chart below:

Unencrypted websites
Chart by Upturn

Upturn believes that the biggest reason that most websites have not moved from HTTP to HTTPS is because of the hassle. To be able to completely convert, these sites would need each of their 3rd party vendors, such as analytics, tracking, advertising, etc, to switch over to HTTPS as well – which is proving to not be as quickly as we hoped.
Browsing sites without HTTPS can leave your traffic open and viewable to prying eyes. However, you can always makes sure your traffic is encrypted by running it through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).





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