How to find out if your details were leaked in the Dropbox hack

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The Dropbox hack

The Dropbox hack is just the most recent of numerous leaks from big companies. In 2012, Dropbox had a hacker access their internal systems. The result? After 4 years, around 60+ million user accounts have now been leaked – and experts are saying this is real.


Was I included in the Dropbox hack?

There are numerous ways to find out if your details have been leaked. We have an article about our favorite site for checking whether or not your email has been leaked, “Have I been pwned?”. At this site, you can enter your email details and it will search all the major leaks from big companies throughout the years, including this most recent Dropbox one. It will then tell you whether or not that particular email address has ever been involved in one of those leaks. Be sure to check all the emails you have!


How do I prevent this from happening in the future?

One thing we cannot stress enough: USE DIFFERENT PASSWORDS! That’s right, you should be using a different password for every single service you use online. I know it sounds irritating, and we probably aren’t doing it 100% either, but it something we should all be working towards. Keeping all your passwords different for each service can minimize the risk if one service were to be hacked. Whereas, if you have the same password everyone, a hacker only needs to get into one service and then he has the key to every other login you have.
Creating new passwords can be easy if you are using a password generator to come up with complex passwords. You can check out our free generator right here!

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