Passwords of the Elite

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Passwords used by elite workers

How does your password stack up to the Passwords of the Elite?

Do you have a strong password? Do you use the same password for all of your logins across the internet? Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of this. But having a strong password is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your online privacy.
By now, most people have heard of the notorious “Gmail Dump” in 2014 that resulted almost 5 million credentials being leaked on the internet. Within that plethora of credentials, there were a good amount of highly-known people throughout various industries.


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The company, WPenginewent through these lists and narrowed down 40 notable positions, their passwords, and how long it took for them to be cracked. There should be no surprise that the easiest to crack was among the most popular passwords in the world: the dreaded “123456”.


Below is a graphic put together by WPengine of notable positions and the passwords that were cracked. The Article also states that the company logos are where that person works now and not necessarily where the worked at the time of the Dump:


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