Traveling soon? Be sure to travel with a VPN!

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Travel with a VPN!
Planning to do some traveling soon? Other than your passport, a VPN might be the most import thing to bring along…
Whether it’s a small trip for business or a 2-week long vacation on some sunny island, you’re probably planning on bringing some connected devices. Your smartphone, laptop, and even tablet are “must-haves” for any trip. I mean, how else are you going to watch the new season of House of Cards on Netflix?!?!
No matter what you’re using your devices for, making sure to travel with a VPN can be absolutely crucial to making your trip as pleasant as possible. Here’s why:



If you are using the internet at the airport or some other public place, you are probably using their public WiFi – which means lots of other people near you are using that same exact network. Someone with the technical “know-how” could easily snoop on your internet traffic. However, connecting to a Virtual Private Network is basically creating your own network that can keep out all the other public WiFi users from seeing what you are doing. If you want the technical bits on how this works, check out this page



When traveling, you might notice that your browsing has changed in some ways. For instance, some of your favorite streaming sites might be showing you different content due to the fact that you are now in another country. Or you might even notice that some YouTube videos are not playing because they “Aren’t available in your country”. These things can be pretty annoying! But with a simple connection to a VPN, you can get all your content from back home no matter where in the world you might be.



People traveling to some parts in Asia and the Middle East are most in need of a VPN. Some governments in those countries will completely block some of your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. With a VPN, you can easily get around governmental censorship by connected to a server in another country.





My Private Network is a subscription-based secure, encrypted virtual private network from your computer, wherever it may be in the world, to our secure servers based in 44 separate countries around the globe.

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