Watch the Olympics online for free!

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Watch the Olympics online

Ahhh yessss. The Olympics are here! Tonight, the Opening Ceremony kicks off the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With so much drama between the Russian doping scandal and rising health concerns for athletes, there has been much build up around the world.
All countries from around the world will have different ways of watching the Olympics – some better than others. Luckily, with My Private Network’s vast network of servers around the world, you will have multiple options for watching.
Here’s our #1 choice:


The best way to watch the olympics online

BBC iPlayer
One of our favorite services, BBC iPlayer, once again seems to be one of the best options for live streaming large sporting events. The BBC will be providing a free online stream via iPlayer to all residents within the U.K. Not located in the U.K? No problem! Simply connect to a My Private Network server located in the U.K and your device will immediately show as if it’s physically in the United Kingdom!





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